Jewish tours Lisbon Portugal

Join us to give you the best perspective of what our Jewish tours in Lisbon and Portugal have to offer. We invite you to be inspired by the experience of feeling the true essence of the Portuguese Jews and their legacy; We challenge you to share memories, experiences, lives, religious motifs, food habits… Be part of the best interactive Jewish tours, truly an experience that you must not miss!


We offer you the best private tours and guides from around Portugal, full or versatile itinerary ideas, priceless travel sites, and recommendations for places to go. Get inspired by breathtaking views, architecture, palaces, manner houses, rich history, spectacular scenery and idyllic rivers; discover historical villages, thermal springs, craggy mountainous scenery, world's largest waves, castles, canals, cherries, wine, Jewish Heritage...


Join us in an enthusiastic experience exploring Jewish Lisbon. Discover the best memories of a community that were an integral part of Portuguese society, and contributed notably to the development of the country. Explore with us a fantastic legacy as a testimony of their presence in Lisbon; learn about the Jews businesses, and why they were so influential to the King in spite of persecutions. Enjoy an amazing Jewish journey, that will take you from the foundation of Portugal, through the Discovers Age until nowadays.


Enjoy a fascinating journey through towns, cities and villages, of a heritage rich in memories evoking the Jewish presence in Portugal. Explore the stunning lands of the Crypto-Jews, how they lived and managed to survive generations after generations; Be part of an incredible past, become one of them to better understand their way of life; Or just be inspired by the greatness and achievements of the Portuguese hebrew culture. Join us and discover more than a Jewish past, be prepared to engage with local families, to become one of them, to hear from them the testimony of a religion, silenced and persecuted throughout centuries.


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